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  • Biodegradable Tableware Sets

    Our biodegradable Tableware sets, are made with biodegradable material that doesn't create any chemical pollution. They are microwaveable, can be refrigerated, are water and oil proof, shelf stable and compostable. Plan your perfect table setting with wide variety of green…
  • Disposable Cups

    Disposable cup is a type of tableware and disposable food packaging. Our cups come in a range of materials including plastic, kraft paper, PLA, bagasse or bamboo. • Material: PP, PET, Kraft Paper, PLA, Bagasse or Bamboo • Type: Single…
  • Drinkware

    Reliable, Eco-friendly way to stay hydrated, Great for giveaways, marathons, fundraisers, and a number of other promotional events to expand your brand reach. • Material: PP, PE, PET-G, Tritan, Stainless Steel and aluminum bottles with lids. • Type: Shaker Bottle,…
  • Food Trays

    We provide options for PP, PET, and aluminum with paper or plastic lids. Kraft Paper Tray Material: kraft paper Print: 6 color max Lead Time: 7-9 weeks MOQ: 30,000 pcs Download Retail Food & Primary Packaging Catalog
  • Paper Bowls

    These bowls are perfect for any type of hot or cold to-go food. Customize with a paper or plastic lid. Increase your brand awareness with custom printing design or logo. • Material: kraft paper, white paper • Print: 6 color…
  • Pouch Bags

    Stand up pouch bags offer moisture, heat, light, and smell resistance for food storage that will increase product shelf life. • Style: mylar bags, lip/thumb pull lock bag, coffee bag, stand up pouch, flat bag, shopping bag, handle bag, sealing…